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Custom Combination Lift and Stairs

A customer had need of a specialty combination lift and stairs.

We assessed their needs and discussed options for a design, then went away and over the course of many months of design, testing, and further discussion with our customer, delivered a solution.

Starlifter Disabled Persons Lift

Starlifter Combination Disabled Persons Lift

They wanted a fully weather sealed compartment for their disabled persons lift.

They also needed a high degree of safety so we provided a ‘foolproof’ design that incorporated;

– safety switches in the lift cabin front and deck entry doors, and the lift mechanism.

– a primary cabin lock plus manual secondary safety lock.

– multiple override options in case of power failure.

– multiple safety lights, including cabin lighting and lift mechanism warning lights, for use in low light conditions.

and more…


We do custom design work so if you have a special need at your facility, contact us to discuss and we’ll see what we can do.

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