SALS 320, E190 and 170 Combination Boarding Stairs and Access Lifts

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SALS Combination Boarding Stairs and Access Lifts

We have Specialist Access Lift and Stairs (SALS) which are combined boarding stairs and hydraulic passenger lift systems for tarmac based aircraft passenger access.

SALS Combination lift.

SALS Combination Lift

The SALS lifts have the following specifications;

  • – Electric hydraulic operation.
  • – Dual batteries with dual charging systems (240VAC and 30 Watt solar panel).
  • – Stable 6.1m x 2.27m footprint, and a 3.31m lift height.
  • – Highly manoeuvrable tow-able stairs with a hydraulic castor frame lifter for easy setting of tarmac clearance during transport.
  • – Safe working load of 2400kg (up to 30 persons – combined stairs and passenger lift cabin).
  • – Stable in up to 40 knot winds.
  • – Passenger lift cabin capacity of 450kg (and not exceeding 5 persons), and suits all 400mm wheelchairs.
  • – Passenger cabin has dual door locks and both passenger cabin and deck have proximity switches to disable operation if door or gate are not secured.
  • – Passenger cabin has timed internal light, and tinted windows and venting for temperature control.
  • – Passenger cabin has marine grade carpet and handrails to minimise bump damage and provide secure handholds during lift operation.
  • – Passenger cabin free-fall protection is assured with both a safety cable in the unlikely event of a catastrophic ram failure, and a reverse flow limiter for manual lowering of the cabin. Free
  • – Simple robust design with few moving parts.
  • – Dual towing points.
  • – Controls have safety covers and return to neutral so that cabin movement is only possible with an operator present.
  • – Dual audio alerts for cabin movement located on the lift power pack housing, and the passenger deck underside.
  • – Dual visual alerts for cabin movement located on the Control Panel and the Lift Mast.
  • – Stairs have an anti-slip coating and safety step glow strips for low light visibility.
  • – Stairs also have LED lights for passenger safety auto timed to turn off after 30 mins.
  • – minimal maintenance required to maintain function and safety
  • – designed and built in compliance with Australian standards
  • – Conforms to applicable International Air Transport Association standards


The SALS 320 specifications are;

  • Length: 6250mm
  • Width: 3210mm
  • Height to top of mast when parked: 5300mm
  • Deck height: 3330mm
  • Cabin Size (mm): 2370 high x 1750 long x 850 wide (a larger one is available 2400 x 2860 x 1210)
  • Ground Clearance: 230mm to chassis
  • Total Mass: 1675kg
  • Max Safe Operating Wind Speed: 40 knots
  • Safe Working Load: Cabin 450kg (5 persons), Stairs 2400kg (30 persons)
  • Park Brake: Fitted. Cable Operated. Solid feet chocked when parked
  • Rims and Tyres: Solid
  • Towable: Yes. Dual points.
  • Max Tow Speed: 15kph
  • Lift Drive: Electric Hydraulic
  • Voltage: 12VDC.
  • Power Storage: 2x AGM Deep Cycle 12V 85 AmpHr
  • Free Fall Protection: Yes. Arrestor Cable with autobrake. Hydraulic Burst valve to slow decent in case of hose burst.

SALS 320 Specification Sheet

SALS 170/190 Specification Sheet